Stories in Verse

Stories in Verse

I set out to write a poem in which Virgil is finally, after seven centuries, rewarded for his role in the salvation of Dante, by leading through the landscape of eternal damnation, to the Earthly Paradise and into the hands of Beatrice, during Easter week of 1300. "Virgil in Paradise" was the result.


As I progressed in the work on "Virgil in Paradise" I started thinking, "Why not an entire collection of poems that tell stories?"


The response to that questions is Stories in Verse.

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Oceanside, CA

Jonathan, I'll tell you another story.

I grew up in Durham, NC (tobacco road). As early as the 1950s, local leaders
recognized that tobacco's days were numbered. Business leaders and elected
officials sat down and came up with a vision for the future: Research Triangle
Park. RTP today is home to 40,000+ jobs, and is the economic center of the
Raleigh-Durham metropolitan region.

RTP in North Carolina has been a huge... mehr anzeigen

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