Vampire love story

The somewhat different love story... Von:
Vampire love story
Aren't you tired about always reading the same old Vampire story?
Well this one is completely different! You'll be suprised. It sure isn't what you expected...

Vampire, love, different
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It really was unexpected! I really like the story, great job!

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I really enjoy reading this book I wish that there were more chapters to read. Nevertheless, I do hope, that they will be a continuation to the Vampire Love Story.

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It's certainly very interesting. Love of the same gender is a more modern idea, and yet you implied it into a more old-style setting. Although english is not your first language, I think you did a fabulous job creating this book. I actually had the same idea when reading Stephenie Meyers' Twilight Saga. I always thought it would be twisted if a male werewolf imprinted on a male human. Or make that a male half-vampire half... mehr anzeigen

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