Can Natural Remedies & Helpful Foods For Cough & Flu Help Make Coronavirus Covid-19 Better?

Can Natural Remedies & Helpful Foods For Cough & Flu Help Make Coronavirus  Covid-19 Better?

"Can Natural Remedies & Helpful Foods For Cough & Flu Help Make Coronavirus Covid-19 Better?" is an affordable ebook to take a quick look at some natural remedies from normal food that are usually good for relief from cough & flu. This is addressing only the symptoms of the new virus outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19, which has symptoms of fever, cough, flu and pneumonia but the medical systems worldwide are trying to fix the root problems of Coronavirus.


There are also some suggestions of international websites in this ebook to look out for regular daily updates on what's happening with the Coronavirus spread worldwide. One of them is the UNESCO(United Nations) website that is keeping track of international school closures statistics.


Some suggestions to online learning (elearning) and digital educational products websites for consideration due to worldwide school closures are mentioned.


There are no known vaccines and cure currently for Coronavirus Covid-19 and the worldwide medical systems and World Health Organization (WHO) are working round the clock to fight the Coronavirus.


There are deaths documented for Coronavirus worldwide but there have been many Coronavirus survivors who were discharged from the hospitals and quarantine. There are debates on whether Coronavirus survivors out of the hospitals will restart the spread of Coronavirus again by the general public everywhere but the medical systems are working on the answers to that.


Hi, I'm Miss Angell and together with my older sister T, we are keeping close watch over how the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak unfolds internationally. We are born and based in Singapore, Southeast Asia.


(This ebook has a shorter free resource PDF version on


Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare medical provider. Please seek medical consultation and medical treatment for your own wellness and safety.


If you are curious about Singapore and the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak situation here in Singapore, please look up Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) UPDATES ON COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019) LOCAL SITUATION daily updates website at:





 Thanks for your support!



Miss Angell

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