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Dangerous Bueaty

Dangerous Bueaty
Esmeralda Elektra Rodriguez, Esme for short is an 18 years old high school student, an only child with three best friends and a shit load of cousins considering her mixed heritage. Sounds normal right? Well the thing is, there is her time in military school, her fallout with her father, a couple of secrets that not even her best friends know, and the Mendez brothers. What are those secrets you wonder? Who are the Mendez brothers you ask? Read to figure it out.

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Hi, i hope you will end yor story anytime ( I hope soon) I like your story althoughI hadn't understand evertihng, but it is not because yor text is bad or some similar things. I am a German and do not know the whole vocabulary but what I had understand sounds very interesting and I hope I can read more of this story.
fan ;)

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