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Dark Poetic Stories

Dark Poetic Stories

My love , I want to tell you, that I adore you but

I'm not that self destructive materialistic cookie cutter image you want me to be
steal my self worth hate me with your self righteous ridicule use me.

You left me in a forever desert of endless despair
And then I told myself I don’t care

Your cruel insults going over and over in my mind making me cry
over and over and each time and each day you try
To get me to give up ,lose hope ,become defeated cut my wrist and die

The lonely feeling and the negative voices hard to bare
And then I told myself I don't care

You left me with a inner disturbed feeling
Those inner tormented scars that you have caused is still healing

your dark clouds stalking me each and everyday
Isolated tears of agony pouring at night you caused its not okay

I hate this emotional illness that you have injected me
And Side effects of unstable emotions I can't control or won't let me So I'm breaking up with you For something true
A new love called faith love hope and charity


Dark, gothic, dark poems
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