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An Introduction to the Corps of Marine Trained Messiahnists!

An Introduction to the Corps of Marine Trained Messiahnists!
Looking for a religion based on science aimed at atheists? Like being shouted at by a former gunnery sergeant in the USMC? Well, look no further! Your prayers have been answered. Created by a published writer with the aid of a former gunnery sergeant in the USMC, Messiahnism is a religion for the computer generation. It’s a religion for the 21st Century and beyond. A scientific religion more scientific than Christian Science and that other one with “science” in its name. I just can’t recall what it is. Messiahnism was inspired by a combination of Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Hypothesis, quantum physics and computer games. Along with a few other bits just for good measure. Although directed towards atheists and agnostics, Messiahnism also welcomes those who have become disgruntled with traditional religion, (apart from Buddhists and they’ll be glad to know that their religion is more or less along the right lines.)

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