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The Fathers Heart....The Second Revelation

The opening of a hidden world Von:
User: Mike C
The Fathers Heart....The Second Revelation

This is a book which which exposes you to the 

fathers Revelation


Jesus became a door (to the inhabitants of this world) a real... 4+ dimensional world, that is not a mere fantasy (as the world portrays)....but reality...very alive and well...and which we are able to participate in...with great authority and confidence...

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Monterey, Mass.

Seems the Forever-Trumpers think he's god's gift & that he actually is keeping
all his promises & will reelect him no matter what he does or doesn't.

They're the radical redstate electorate who actually tipped purple to red,
Coulter's damage is already done.

But if Hannity & Ingraham ever flipped, that might poke a little hole in
Trump's inexhaustible hot air balloon.

Coulter sounds like she's hedging, holding... mehr anzeigen

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