Violet, Me, Them & one heart

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Violet, Me, Them & one heart
This is the story of an artist...

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fully-developed ideas, well-crafted characters and lush writing style...

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It reminded me of The Little Prince. It was beatifully done. I enjoyed it.

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Probably the most unique work I have seen. Have to admit, I didn't understand much of it....but who cares? It was beautiful to read and I loved your illustrations. Well done.

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petra michelle

is so Zen, Miguel! And, yet, expressed with the feel of magical realism so popular in South America! Obviously, am not very educated on Spanish writings. Wish I had the time to read everything! :))

A beautiful book, Miguel! Petra :))

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This is definitely unique!
I was also curious about your illustrations, and found them charming.
I see where children and adults would all enjoy this book. It has a sense of making it into a 'cult' type market of abstract thinking. Everyone loves a good book they can read over and over and gleen something new from it each time. I'll have to come back and read it a second time to see what else is hidden beneath the surface.
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This was a beautiful unique journey. I love stories like these. The words were very well written and so was the illustrations. This was very creative. I am so sorry it has taken me awhile to respond. I am trying to learn my way around this site.

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