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Edward and the Dandelions

User: revueme
Edward and the Dandelions
They love to swim in between dimensions!

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You wrote a very enjoyable story and I gave you a vote. Serena

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Thanks to everyone who took ten minutes to read my story! I am so surprised by all your amazing comments. Absolutely forgot my story was in the Flash Fiction contest. Wish all the best to everyone involved in. Enjoy!

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It reminded me of The Littlest Prince by Saint D'Exupere (forgive me if I misspelled that!!!)
I voted. Excellent story!

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This is a cute little story. Keep up the good writing. I voted for you on this one.

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This is truly awesome, Miguel! You have a vivid imagination and intriguing writing style. All of your books vibrate and touch the soul and your website shows innovation. Who wouldn't want to swim in the stars? Bravo, and thank you.

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You’re creative Miguel. Your book cover caught my attention. I like your page 3 photo illustration, too. Your story is interesting, and the dialogues of your characters were well presented. Good work!

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