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Timeless Moments


What's hidden in the dark will be brought to light . . .
When Jewel Wiltshire marries, she vows to love, honor, and obey. Little does she know that her husband's secrets will push her faith far beyond anything she can imagine. For two years she remains a prisoner until a mysterious stranger appears offering friendship and hope. 
Jack Vines has the Victorian home of his dreams--or so it seems until he discovers an intriguing beauty lurking in the shadows. Stunned, he finds they share the house but live a century apart. She is a prisoner of the past, shrouded in a world of dark mysteries. He holds the keys that will protect their future. When her letters suddenly stop, can he unravel the mystery that threatens to alter both their lives forever?
Timeless Moments is a spine-tingling suspense laced with faith and love that you won't want to put down. This stirring novel seamlessly weaves together two characters in an intricate balance of emotion and hope that all things are possible.

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Nedlo Wise

I notice previous comments are 2 years old. I hope I start a trend line of new comments that support this author.

C28 is a very compelling read throughout. If you want to put a person between a rock and a hard place this author does that very nicely with a writing style that slowly builds fear and anguish in a sub plot character when she is confronted with the true evil of the stories antagonist.

The end of each chapter... mehr anzeigen

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Many thanks for the kind words. Two years ago, I had only posted the first chapter. I've gotten my act together now, and I'm posting them as I finish each chapter.

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You have a new fan. Please continue when you can. It's a fascinating beginning and it will be hard waiting to see what you do with it.

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I can't wait for the next chapter. This story was quite intriguing. :)

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I am hooked. The possibilities about where this story will take us are endless Forgive the comparison, but when I first read it I thought back to "Somewhere in Time"...the two characters in that marvelous movie, trapped in different eras...but no doubt that is where the similarities end? At any rate, the very idea you have going is more than intriguing, plus, plus, plus...your introduction of Jack and Jewel, their particular... mehr anzeigen

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This story is one I will hang on to...though I need more. Michelle, you have a huge hit on your hands here and I am a big fan. What happenes next? The anticipation is killing me.

Everyone needs to read this, it is magical.

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Thanks for the hearts and encouragement. These characters are pretty special to me. I've thought about the "what if" factor ever since I found a 1917 yearbook. I hope you'll continue to follow Jewel and Jack's story.

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Backwood writer

you write as a smooth slowing stream , you take the reader along in your stories, and its as if your watching the story inside of reading it, i wish i could write like you... you friend stanley the hill billy

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Michelle, I am a big fan of the notion of how people from different eras would interact with one another, and your first chapter seems to be heading us in this direction. The opening gambit is gripping, and has raised so many questions about 'where to from here?' that I hope the next chapter is almost ready to be posted. Setting the story in a Victorian environment makes it all the more intriguing. Your prose is good, I'm... mehr anzeigen

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Okay, that is one whopper of an opening. Wonderfully written, so descriptive I could literally see the house, almost feel it. And the characters...I could feel the apprehension, the doubt, the wonder and bafflement. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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