The Christmas Belle

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The Christmas Belle

An old fashion Christmas story to warm the heart. Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a reprieve from the holiday rush!                                                                                                         

winter, snow, dog, Christmas
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hee hee, you are gonna start a new tradition of, "Christmas Belle". LOL

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Though you did not refer to the book by title, I already knew what book he was reading. And once I realized his intents for the evening, my eyes welled up. Loved everything about the story. You gave me a real sense of Virginia's charm and hospitality and warm-hearted people. Thank you sister.

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Backwood writer

very well written , you have the touch,
your a spirtual person , my hero is Jesus Christ , we have a lot in common, your story was just plain good , need I say more, your friend Stanley

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Santa likes Rabbit stew?

Great story, Michelle. This is the kind of Christmas story that makes an old Scrooge like me smile with pleasure.

The old man and his dog felt so real it makes one want to believe in Christmas the way they did as a child.

Beautiful story!

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While I made my own rounds and voted for you in the heat of it all, I'm just getting around to notes.

Your writing has a developed an interesting feel... of a craftsperson who knows the right word for a feeling or event and yet chooses something else - something not so standard with, perhaps, some unique nuance that another competent writer would have left out of the situation.

To me, that is a real bonus. To simply say "it was... mehr anzeigen

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L. Avery Brown

This is a fabulous little tale. And I didn't start to get an inkling as to who 'he' was until the very end of the tale. I love the fact that his Mastiff is named 'Belle' as that means she's a sleigh Belle when riding at his side.

Wonderfully done!


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Thank you all!! I'm so pleased you enjoyed my little Christmas tale. John, I laughed when I read your comment. That "wascally wabbit" gave me fits the whole time I was writing this. Will have to fix that. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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Why am I the last to know about this wonderful tale? You captured the essence of winter and love so beautifully and took me back to my childhood. I was transported...and the devotion of the dog and the "man". You are another gift we have been given, here at Bookrix, and I thank you for gracing our pages with your heartwarming and well written stories.

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