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"With Unravel, Michelle Johnson-Lane has created a novel full of twists and turns and OMG moments that will keep you riveted throughout. It was an enjoyment to read and work on. The anticipation rises page by page and I guarantee you will not see the end coming. This novel is anything but boring and is a thoroughly good read."

Come share life experiences through the eyes and ears of a child with a black mother and a white father during the time of segregation.


Matilda McGraw came into this world in 1947 with a silver spoon in her mouth. She grew up in Seattle, Washington as a product of an interracial marriage. Matilda has never wanted for anything since she’s a co-heiress of her grandparents enormous estate. Unfortunately, money will not exempt her from experiencing the many life crises that she’s had to succumb to—father’s abandonment, step-father’s abuse, classmate’s torture, and her mother’s illness.

Matilda’s life spiraled out of control long before she drives across the country to attend the University of Maine. Finally, she finds solace when she meets Tilly, who lends her shoulder and provides an outlet for Matilda to open up and share all her inner most secrets. Things come to a halt when Tilly mets her only true love, which causes Matilda to mysteriously drop out of sight—never to be seen again. However, Matilda does entrust Tilly with her personal belongings and a box of keepsakes. Before she disappears, Tilly makes the promise to take Matilda’s secrets to the grave.

Take the journey through Unravel to see just how careful Tilly is in protecting Matilda’s secrets after she becomes the matriarch of the Maxwell Family.

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Coming soon at a bookstore near you; be it bricks in mortar or online (eBook).

Stay tune for my book release date.

Please support me in my endeavors of becoming an accomplished author.

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