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Zhena (Sample Chapters)

Zhena (Sample Chapters)
Susan was content with her ordinary life. As ordinary as it can be when
you're married to an officer in the submarine force. For the past twenty
years she has wanted nothing more than to help her husband Bill succeed in
his career and raise her children. Then one day the phone rang. After this
mysterious call, nothing was the same. Suddenly, she is able to analyze
situations and people more rapidly than she thought humanly possible.
Anything or anyone that is out of place is immediately noted and its threat
level determined. She has fighting and weapons skills, despite having never
even held a gun. And most concerning and disconcerting is the strange voice
in her head telling her what to do in any given situation, as though her
life is one big mission - a mission she knows nothing about. And why do
strangers keep speaking to her in a language she shouldn't understand but

Now for the first time she is questioning everything she has ever believed
about herself and her entire life. Looking for those answers opens the gate
to unimaginable danger not only for herself but for what is most precious to
her, her children. She will have to dig into something she never considered
important before, her past. It will result in an incredible journey
involving cold war spies, Russian intelligence, and old friends some of
which she remembers, and others she doesn't. As time works against her she
must solve the mystery before her husband reaches port. All the while
trying to protect her children and friends not to mention herself.

Thriller, Spy, Russia, Cold War, Espionage
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