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The Cowboy

User: epoch1
The Cowboy
He was old enough to remember the defeat and shame in the eyes of the boys as they returned from "The War." The Civil War started the year after he was born. It was also the year his world died

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As promised I have returned to read some of your wonderful books. I have to say I enjoy the reflective feel to this, a small history lesson, and tug of the heart-strings. I echo the comments below . . . well done, my friend!

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the title drew me in. I fancy myself as a western writer at heart. That is where my passion for the fine art of word slingin' was born.

In reading this brief history, I think you have captured all the feelings that a man must have had with the vagabond blood running through his veins. He outlived his time (one I sometimes wish I'd lived in)and saw the rise and decline of an era that made this country what it is today.

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This was another nice one from the master of evil. How can this be? Very nicely done and great story.

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Gelöschter User

I greatly enjoyed this story. To watch a life go by and the technological advances that weren't so welcome in this Cowboy's eyes was kinda sad. Nicely done.

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