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Flush Fiction

Tales for the Head Von:
User: epoch1
Flush Fiction

Start your day with a little murder, mystery or mayhem!


A flash fiction story is one that hits the reader's imagination and leaves an indelible picture in their mind much the way a flash bulb leaves a blur on the eye that looks at it.


This is my favorite collection of flash fiction stories. It features ample amounts of murder, mystery and mayhem... with a dash of heartwarming, heart breaking and heart wrenching slices of humanity.

These short stories are just the right length for passing those little slices of time wasted while waiting for something to happen. Enjoy them at the bus stop, in a waiting room or in that special room we all get to visit every day. So pull up a seat and enjoy.


Please flush when you're done reading!

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Beiträge und Kommentare
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Adam Lewis LaValley

I'm only three stories in, but the ends of each gave me chills up my spine! Such great set ups, which evoke a normal setting only to lead to a completely different and stunning conclusion! I start to sympathize with the characters, only to find that they take measures into a course that makes me question society and sanity.

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