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You Did This To Me

You Did This To Me
After almost being raped at a young age, Andy vowed to take nothing for granted. Than she met Chris… Has Andy finally found someone she thinks is worth giving it all up for. Before she has a chance to find out Andy is thrown into a whrilwind of tourchure. Can she make it out of this strong or will she break under the pressure? Will Chris end up helping?

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Please up late I'm on a cliff hanger and I'm going crazy

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Good story, but you need to change the age group. No way is this appropriate for anyone under 16. The subject, as you mention in the book, is serious and people need to know it's not just an interesting plot device. I applaud you for handling in that way. But please go back to the edit page of the book and change the age group to 16 and up.

In terms of the writing, you seem to have a natural understanding of how a story arc... mehr anzeigen

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