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A Hoosier Chronicle Part 2

User: disha
A Hoosier Chronicle Part 2

Harwood Reached The Capital On The Afternoon Of The Second Day After
Mrs. Owen And Sylvia Had Gone East, And Went At Once To The Boordman
Building. Miss Farrell Was Folding And Sealing Letters Bearing Bassett's

"Hello, Little Stranger; I'd Begun To Think You Had Met With Foul
Play, As The Hero Says In Scene Two, Act Three, Of 'The Dark
Switch-Lantern'--All Week At The Park Theatre At Prices Within The Reach
Of All. Business Has Been Good, If You Press Me For News, But That
Paper-Mill Hasn't Had Much Attention Since You Departed This Life.
Everybody's Saying 'Stop, Look, Listen!' When In Doubt You Say
That,--The White Aprons In The One-Arm Lunch Rooms Say It Now When You
Kick On The Size Of The Buns. You Will Find Your Letters In The
Left-Hand Drawer. I Told That Collector From The Necktie Foundry That He
Needn't Wear Himself To A Shadow Carrying Bills Up Here; That You Paid
All Your Bills By Check On The Tenth Of The Month. As That Was The
Twenty-Ninth, You'd Better Frame Some New By-Laws To Avoid Other Breaks
Like That. I Can't Do Much Lying At My Present Salary."

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