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American Renaissance II

The Expanding War Against Extremist Islam Yields Economic Recovery Von:
User: mendel
American Renaissance II
American Renaissance is the first foundation of an evolving,
Bible faithful, new view from Israel. A spiritual earthquake, its
under-the-surface action is the cause of America's deepest
transformation since the nation's founding. This is it! The
USA's current, but still elusive root problem and solution
direction- not yet on many radar screens.

Hidden, but in process, is a morphed America with a fresh,
revived vision along with an actionable political formula.
It is life beyond the last Judeochristian era- which is
proved to have “ended” in 1963! There has been a 40 year
Biblical delay until today's distressing realities have become
evident. The New Millennium is already a New Way-
nationally and individually. American Renaissance is the
shocking explanation with the political reformulation that
alters everything including:

A frightening but temporary American decline
Coming defeat of extremist Islam yields economic recovery
Retrieval of lost American societal cohesion and blessing
USA's return to world leadership and global expansion

obama, israel, islam, wwIII, america
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