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Fantasy And Reality Collide

A Poetic Journey Into Introspection And Soul-Searching Von:
Fantasy And Reality Collide

A wistful collection of reflective poetry. Topics covered range from love and romance, to sadness and pain, to hope and happiness, to dreams and plans, to faith and inspiration. Come along on this pensive journey. Discover the poem that gives voice to your own thoughts and feelings.

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Hi there! I admire the way you express yourself by writing such an amazing story. With that said, your work deserves more audience. I'd like to invite you to join N0velStar's writing competition this April.

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I read your poems and I was touched! I thought they were all awsome and I know you worked hard on them and I respect that!

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Wichtiger Beitrag

I really enjoyed reading this Wonderful and Beautiful Book. I could feel the pain, love, passion, and faith as I read your lovely words. Beautifully written!

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I like your book cover. It’s quite unique. I like your poems, Appreciation of Mother, Enigma and It’s Never Too Late. Just voted for it!

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lazarus67 full of different feelings. Love, fear, intimacy, hope , sadness...but I love the hope best.

So much in just a few pages.
Thanks for sharing....Laz

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