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Dawn of the Supernova

Love Blooms Amidst Devastation Von:
Dawn of the Supernova

A scientist and a psychic team up to warn the world of an impending explosion. The event would wipe out all of the earth, except for one small island. Can they reach everyone in time to save them?

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Melissa: Have I told you lately, I love the way that you write. You are amazing.....

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Thank you so much, Tony.


I have been told to tell the truth so I did. You are truly amazing....

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These type of stories normally do not catch my interest and starting the book I had to tell myself to give it a chance because I have to learn to make variety with what I read. This book was great, different, but great! The way you had written this was incredible and I enjoyed the larger words that replaced simple words. Reading this made me think I was reading a publushed piece of work. I do hope you win the contest in one... mehr anzeigen

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i dont think i stand a chance against this book, the title is pretty catchy. well, good luck to you!

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I waited on this story.
Noah and his family survived the cataclysmic flood. A much "smaller", less-violent end for most of humanity.
Super-nova? A nearby star goes out of kilter, rushes toward our solar system and then explodes. I'm no physicist; even if I were, who can read the mind of God? If He created the world in "six days", created man in His image and likeness...both pretty lofty undertakings...I suspect He could use... mehr anzeigen

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Interesting take on the end of the world theme! You're very good with description and such! A vote from me!

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