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Whispers on the Line

Eerie Calls in the Middle of the Night Von:
Whispers on the Line
During a powerful thunderstorm, a woman who lives alone, receives some peculiar phone calls. The true reasons behind those calls are startling.

phone, murder, sheriff, storm, spooky, ghosts, voices, danger
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Amazing, as are all your stories. :) I love the eerie feel of it. Voted!

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Brilliant story - short but ever so intruiging. I look forward to reading more of your works

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I like the story. I don't think it's completely original. In fact it has been known to happen in real life, or so I have read. Nice to put it into a story though and i think you drummed up enough eeriness to slap us around the chops with it.

I don't think the cover does you any favours, by the way. When you click on it, it's all blurry. Saying that you've got lots of votes, so clearly they are readers of great quality that... mehr anzeigen

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Truly, your story gave me the chills towards the end, but in a good way! I love reading these kinds of stories for the suspense and the imminent danger (that the characters go through... I'd much rather stay safe at home ^^;). This was wonderfully written and I encourage you to really continue writing~! ^^

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Gelöschter User

Harmless ghosts using the phones... interesting! You got my vote.

In the line, "But inside the small one-story ranch......." I think the word "one-story" should be as "one-storey" Just my opinion.

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