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The Midnight Bandit

Cautionary Tale of a Serial Rapist Von:
The Midnight Bandit
Janet Hansen is a schoolteacher who is stalked by a rapist. He has already assaulted one of her friends. Detective Lee Bowers is a nice man who is trying to nab the bad guy. Dennis Pittman is a janitor who seems to be friendly. But is he really who he appears to be?

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Spoiler Alert!

Somehow I knew it wasn't Dennis, and like tj, I had my suspicions:)
Nice writing with an erotic edge to it.

1 Kommentar

Thank you, Pat. I appreciate your thoughts on this story. I will be reading more of your work, too.

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Melissa: Loved it. You are totally awesome. Reading your books today. When you first introduced Bowers, I had an inkling he was the bad guy....

2 Kommentare

Originally it was going to be Dennis. But half-way through the story, I changed it to Bowers. Lol!


YEAH !!!!!!

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I love your stories. This one is right up there with all the rest!! Great work! I didn't want it to end.

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There could've have been a little more suspense, but it was a good story and I enjoyed. Can't wait to read your next one!

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That was a great book. I couldnt stop reading it. Towards the end I knew it had to be him! I just had that feeling. Hope you write more stories.

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wow u have my vote, i dont normally read books like this but if there all as good as this then i think i might ;)

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