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The Enemy Beside Her

People Aren't Always What They Seem Von:
The Enemy Beside Her
Meg is happily married or so she thinks and expecting her first child. But does she really know the man that she married? Without warning, a shocking bombshell is suddenly dropped into her lap.

wife, husband, detective, killer, victim, pregnant, baby
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Very nicely done. Loved it, like everything you do.

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Review - You definitely have a handle on what is creepy. You did a nice job of using innocence against evil. You have grown very much as a writer here at BookRix. Keep up the good work. Robynn

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Paula and Judy, I'm so glad you enjoyed my new story. I really appreciate your wonderful comments on it. You ladies have me smiling like the Cheshire cat. :O)

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I can't write mysteries to save my life, so to read one as well-put-together as this, and then realize the whole story fit into a concise, 2,000-word package is astonishing to me. You are so talented! As a mom, I can easily relate to your character's instant solution to the devastating dilemma. As a writer, I'm deeply impressed with how beautifully you told this. Amazing.

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needing a mother's love to override any other commitment.

Good job despite the limitation of words..p;]

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