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Heart, Soul, And Mind

User: mtaylor67
Heart, Soul, And Mind

This is a book of all of my poems about my life, feelings, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, and morals. Most poems are about me, people I know, relationships I have been in, experiences I have had, and some that are made up and have nothing to do with me personally and were inspired by a poetry site. I love to write poetry and have wanted to publish my poems for a long time. I hope to publish them and to write and publish more. I also hope that people will enjoy my poems, be able to relate to them, and will get something good out of them. I want to give people a positive experience the same way that I feel positive about writing them. I would be happy if my poems helped anyone since I love to help people. I also would be excited if I made any money from the exposure. Thank you for reading.

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poetry, poems
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