Revolutionary Air Supply System for Industrial Process

Industrial Engineering Von:
Revolutionary Air Supply System for Industrial Process

Dr. Eng. Mehmed Alshaalan


▪ Aeronauticl specialist at United Aircrafts Corporation (UAC), Russia.
-Direct and coordinate the design, manufacture, testing of aircraft and aerospace products.
▪ Academic researcher at Adyghe State University, Russian Federation.
-Taken into consideration as of results of entrance in higher educational institutions of the
Russian Federation.
▪ Visiting Scholar at Tokyo University, Japan and Stanford University, USA.
▪ Former Counsellor at European University, Spain in the field of Investment Disputes,
Contracts for Banks, Intellectual Property, Arbitration Engineering & FIDIC Contracts.
▪ Security Expert in Cybercrime at the International & Arabian Arbitration Courts and
Organizations, Egypt.
▪ Electrical Engineer at Hazelton Hotel Toronto Canada. -Confer with engineers, customers
and others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects and products.
▪ Former Aeronautical Gnd. Instructor/Examiner presso Aviotrace Swiss SA., Switzerland.
-Mechatronics areas of the applications of engineering systems.
▪ Electrical & Avionics (Multi-X) Engineer in EgyptAir (EA) Maintenance and Engineering
(B/L). Technical Support Engineer for Aircraft equipment.
▪ Technical consultant at Ministry of Transport, Egypt. Railways development project.
• Technical Support, Proposal and Projects Engineer in Engineering Company for
Electronics (ECE), Egypt, in particular of Gensets and Electrical & Electronic Devices/Sets.

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