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This Is What Happens When You Live With 8 Guys

My whole life changed. Von:
This Is What Happens When You Live With 8 Guys

Olivia's older brother tells his team that they can move into their house since their parents are never home. That means that Olivia is going to be living with 8 guys. And guess what, they're all hot as hell. Olivia's whole life changes in a matter of days.    [ ~ F I N I S H E D ~ ]

[: Hey guys! Please comment what you think of my book and if you'd like a sequel. If so, a few ideas are always helpful. Please check out my other books and hopefully you'll like them! :]

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WOW! This is an amazing book. I definitely did not want to put it down and I'm 33 years young. Please continue to write another book. You are gifted, there is no doubt about that.

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Gelöschter User

Love it ....... TOTALLY AMAZING !... <3 :)

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Awww thanks!!!

Gelöschter User

It was very amazing book... I could even imagine every scene with my eyes ! :D


Oh i love when books have that effect!

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Gelöschter User

This is a GREAT book!
I LOVE your writing wish i write like you!! XD
Anyways this needs a sequeal and we need to know how her friends react to this whole Xavier and Olivia.Shower Olivia's Jeaolousy and show Olivia at a frail state i mean we saw her confused and at aw but lets see her cry and loose control.she's in control of everything else.Whatever you choose though i bet will be great!! From a very loyal reader
~Rebellious Soul

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Thank you so much! I have spent a lot of time on this book and it's the first one i've ever finished. Lately, i've been getting a lot more requests for a sequel so maybe i'll try to make it happen! If and when it comes out, i'll be sure to let you know.
xx DayDreamer_222

Gelöschter User

Thank you!!!!! so Much.

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