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User: Yo_itz_me

As I was running away I looked back, over my shoulder while I hear him screaming for me to come back. Crap! He's right behind me!! I turn my head back... But not in time... I run into a very hard thing... I'm assuming a tree! Crap he's going to get me! I almost fall backwards when the tree grabs my arm, preventing me from it. Wait... What?? I look up to see a man. I look into his blue eyes that have a hint of gray in them, and almost forget why I was there in the first place... He shoves me behind him while still holding my arm and...



What will happen to 22 year old Skylar Smith when she meets Asher Read? Will she make it out alive...?
Read to find out...

P.S. this is my first book so I'm sorry if its bad! Also, this is not available for download, sorry!

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