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Change Of Life

Change Of Life

Kayla Anastaia Simons, Junior in High School, non-virgin, rich, single, only child and one parent in her life -well until now. 

"Wait, I think I misunderstood because I just heard you say that you're pregnant and getting re-married."

-Oh and I forgot one slight detail, her new step-brother is a hot ass Senior. You may proceed...

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I'm starting Chapter 8. So far the story is catchy and well thought out, should have appeal with the younger readers but I have been running into so many grammatical errors as to make it hard to read from my perspective. It's fast paced and suitable for your contemporaries as is but if you were to wish to publish it you would have to carefully edit it. You change tenses so frequently it confuses me.

It is a fun romp though and... mehr anzeigen

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it was good please finish the book

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Thanks! I was just waiting for some feedback to decide whether i should continue the book or not, i'll let you know when i update


I updated nearly a month ago and forgot to tell you, sorry xx

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