Mayumis' Tokyo Life.

Mayumis' Tokyo Life. Von:
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Mayumis' Tokyo Life.

 My name is Mayumi Mika from Tokyo Japan.

Im an High School English Teacher. I guess you could say that Im a shy slut.

My story is about an affair I had with a western man while I was living apart from my boy friend. Its a true story ,I hope I can express my feeling to you!


explicit, exciting, suspence
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Hi My name is Mayumi Mika,please give it a look ,and let me know if you like?

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nice start of a writing, but i guess it looks more like a diary than a 'book' maybe you couldextend the chapters a biot and fillthem with the emotions and feling as well as the atmosphere that you experienced .. that would make it easier to imagine to be in your place and to... mehr anzeigen

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