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The Free Lances (Fiscle Part-X) A Romance Of The Mexican Valley

User: disha
The     Free Lances (Fiscle Part-X)        A Romance Of     The     Mexican Valley
Volunteers For Texas.

"I'Ll Go!"

This Laconism Came From The Lips Of A Young Man Who Was Walking along
The Levee Of New Orleans. Just Before Giving utterance To It He Had
Made A Sudden Stop, Facing a Dead Wall, Enlivened, However, By A Large
Poster, On Which Were Printed, In conspicuous Letters, The Words--

"Volunteers For Texas!"

Underneath, In smaller Type, Was A Proclamation, Setting forth The
Treachery Of Santa Anna And The Whole Mexican Nation, Recalling in
Strong Terms The Massacre Of Fanning, The Butchery Of Alamo, And Other
Like Atrocities; Ending in an Appeal To All Patriots And Lovers Of
Freedom To Arm, Take The Field, And Fight Against The Tyrant Of Mexico
And His Myrmidons.

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