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The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter

Maddison Moon is the new senior at school, she has lived here since she was 16 but had been in coma for a while when a truck crashed into her car.

Christian White is the player of the school, when he meets Maddison he falls in love with her but not in the way he thinks he will.

Maddison has a deep secret that not even she knows, will christian discover it before she does or will they both not know it and thrive into danger.

Watch them go through their last year of school. 

paranormal, romance, mates, alpha
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This will be on-hold for a while, the place where i was writing it went missing and i've started writing another book, this might take a while to come back to but....

Wichtiger Beitrag

Write more! I would love to see where this goes! :)

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Wichtiger Beitrag

The idea of this book is really good, but try to ensure that every time someone else talks, switch to the next paragraph. It really affects the feeling. Some use of punctuation might help to organize your dialogue better too.

1 Kommentar

Thank You. I'll probably have to refresh the ideas and go back to continuing the story before i start editing it though.

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Warisha ali

I loved the book sweetie absolutely unique. Continue writing but only on free time focus on studies first

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I am a unexperienced writer, i'm only 12 and a half, so the quality might not be as good. Since i also have school i'll try to update the book as much as I can, but i'm not exactly sure about it. Feedback would be helpful. If you dislike, please just don't make any comments. As i said before i'm just a beginner.

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