Rashi (Fiscle Part 3)

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Rashi (Fiscle Part 3)
Great Men - And Rashi, As We Shall See, May Be Counted Among
Their Number - Arrive At Opportune Times. Sometimes We
Congratulate Them For Having Disappeared From History In Good
Season; It Would Be Just As Reasonable, Or, Rather, Just As
Unreasonable, To Be Grateful To Them For Having Come At Exactly
The Right Juncture Of Affairs. The Great Man, In Fact, Is The
Man Of The Moment; He Comes Neither Too Soon, Which Spares Him
From Fumbling Over Beginnings And So Clogging His Own Footsteps,
Nor Too Late, Which Prevents Him From Imitating A Model And So
Impeding The Development Of His Personality. He Is Neither A
Precursor Nor An Epigone, Neither A Forerunner Nor A Late-Comer.
He Neither Breaks The Ground Nor Gleans The Harvest: He Is The
Sower Who Casts The Seed Upon A Field Ready To Receive It And
Make It Grow.

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