The ultimate Anti-Cookbook

Pointless "cooking" with kettle, toaster, oven, microwave and more - for professionals, lazy people, the untalented and Von:
The ultimate Anti-Cookbook

You don't know how to cook? Neither do we!

First kitchen of your own? The offspring is growing up and needs kitchen training? You want to brush up on your "specialist knowledge"? You finally have to do the cooking yourself for whatever reason?


Then you've come to the wrong place!

Cooking can be so much fun, but it's approached too rigidly by far too many people. Some even make an effort! That's over now!

From a delicious breakfast and ingenious main meals to snacks and desserts, everything is possible - without having to put in any effort!


What to expect:
What kitchen utensils do you need?
Guaranteed useless tips on how to use your kitchen
Nutritional values: Guessed according to instinct
Over 50...shall we say... "doable" recipes for all circumstances
and much more...

A few included recipes:

  • Hop Blossom Smoothie with Banana Flavour
  • Minced meat pudding' with a hint of tomato flavouring
  • Breaded fish product with bacon and onions
  • Gourmet meatloaf cordon bleu
  • Tuscany tomato soup without tomatoes
  • Totally harmless cocktail without alcohol
  • Vegetarian kebab with meat
  • and many more...


Get it while the eBook stock lasts - because you know: eBooks are only available for a LIMITED amount.

Or even better: Order the paperback - not even an evil computer virus can take it away from you!


PS: The recipes are all cookable and you won't believe it - they taste good. The book is satire - just for your information, in case that wasn't clear anyway.


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