My favourite Fruit Recipes

Delicious dishes with mango, plum, banana and papaya | measurements in grams Von:
My favourite Fruit Recipes

1 book - 100% recipes with fruits - All measurements in grams - Enjoy with mango, plums, banana and papaya


Anyone looking for varied dishes with fruit will find what they are looking for here: Tasty suggestions for every occasion, which can nevertheless be made with everyday ingredients - and of course mango, plums, banana or papaya.


A small selection of the recipes included:

  • Homemade plum crisp
  • Fried banana pieces with cinnamon
  • Mango and tilapia mix with chilli and onions
  • Grilled tuna with papaya and macadamia nuts
  • Homemade plum bread
  • Guacamole with mango
  • ...

Start now and add some tasty fruits to your menu!

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