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The Littlest Superhero

domestic violence, superhero, family, love
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i love these book but im glad im not going through that because if my dad did something like that i would want to be a superhero and too know people are going through something so bad its really sad!!

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So wonderfully crafted and gently handled. What an emotional story done with such beauty. Loved the last two lines. Good work. Your philosophy of life shines through. Robynn

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Children are so innocent but they are also very smart! They are extremely observant and use their immagination to (such as this case) create a safe haven in which to escape when they feel unsafe. Her belief in her son's warm heart and imaginary super hero world that he could save her may just have saved her...unconscieously. It was the belief and faith in her son's love that kept her alive.

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i found that very touchin n liked it a loti know how it feels i went thought it my self

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this is great i have kids so this really touched my heart how can i read the whole book

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