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Easy Money?

Easy Money?
There is no such thing as "Easy Money".

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If theres anybody in this world that is that cruel to such sweet and innocent babies, I only pray God has half of his love left to keep the man from having the worst future in history. I am appalled that our planet has gotten so awful that that would ever happen. I would cry too.

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this was truely a good book from the little bit i read i feel the person that did such a thing to this sweet little girl she be put to death because that was very mean on not even worthit what can that lil girl do that bad for that person to do that that is messed up but this book was diffinitely a good read

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easy money? not a bad attempt but more imaginary than real a medical student wont be too weak i say it........but, still i like it nice work........ good luck

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Wow, you are certainly excelling at writing, Matthew. Congratulations for a well deserved win. All the best to you. Valerie

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side of sinful humanity. Well written, provoking gut wrenching sadness mixed with rage and tears....Paula

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It's quite an unforgettable experience for you. Easy money is really not easy at all. I know we can all learn from your story. Good luck!

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if this is a true story i can only imagine at how terrible the succeeding days must have been...such images truly never get washed out of the minds impressions.well done!

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