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A nightmare within a dream

User: marwakod
A nightmare within a dream
it's a very short story about a girl had a dream of the man she loved killing her, describing him, every move, every feelings in a lovely dream that suddenly changed in to a bad nightmare ,this is my newbie short story, Hope some one would enjoy it!
If you liked this! Go to the novel! You will enjoy it! :)

Nightmare, Dream, love
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Your books are really good. I can only recommend

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thank you so much! :)

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You Welcome

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thank you that means a lot to me, i guess that totally right, i got to improve my writing skills and read more. I used to talk fluently but writing is a bit harder than i thought it would be...:)

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First of all your story is scarry, I don't know how you come up with that.
But more importantly you need some serious editing here. I know English is your second language, so don't lose hope, I traveled down the same road. It takes alot of time and dilligence to write a book, but it takes even more to write one in another language. I have the feeling that you wrote the story in your own language and then tried to translate it.... mehr anzeigen

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