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A nightmare within a dream

The Novel " 4 chapters" Von:
User: marwakod
A nightmare within a dream
The novel of a nightmare within a dream is about two people having the same nightmare at the same time but they have never met before! Marline is an ambitious journalist who is working on a book. She received a call from her sister " Mila " who was living in Ohio with her roommate who left to LA . She wanted her sister to come visit her in her place. Mila turned to be the girl friend of the same guy whom Marline was dreaming about. Let's see what is gonna win LOVE Or sister Hood!
ps: NOT Finished yet! I'm working on it! tell me what do you think so far!?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Interesting read! The story flows smoothly carrying along with it the suspense to crack. Expecting to read the other chapters! Way to go!

1 Kommentar

Oh thank u so much for the comment! and the friend request! i'm working on it! :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

pls continue, i love dis book so far i want to see what happens. Pls update u must update

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