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State Of The Union Addresses Of Martin Van Buren (fiscle part-9)

User: silviya
State Of   The   Union Addresses Of   Martin Van Buren (fiscle part-9)
Fellow-Citizens Of The Senate And House Of Representatives:

We Have Reason To Renew The Expression Of Our Devout Gratitude To The Giver
Of All Good For His Benign Protection. Our Country Presents On Every Side
The Evidences Of That Continued Favor Under Whose Auspices It, Has
Gradually Risen From A Few Feeble And Dependent Colonies To A Prosperous
And Powerful Confederacy. We Are Blessed With Domestic Tranquillity And All
The Elements Of National Prosperity. The Pestilence Which, Invading For A
Time Some Flourishing Portions Of The Union, Interrupted The General
Prevalence Of Unusual Health Has Happily Been Limited In Extent And
Arrested In Its Fatal Career. The Industry And Prudence Of Our Citizens Are
Gradually Relieving Them From The Pecuniary Embarrassments Under Which
Portions Of Them Have Labored; Judicious Legislation And The Natural And
Boundless Resources Of The Country Have Afforded Wise End Timely Aid To
Private Enterprise, And The Activity Always Characteristic Of Our People
Has Already In A Great Degree Resumed Its Usual And Profitable Channels.

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