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Struggle for Liberty

User: bluemask
Struggle for Liberty
“Ladies.” The young man started, as he scoured over the line of girls. “You can view this as a school. Over the next few weeks you will learn how to become perfect lovers. You will learn all the ins and outs of how to please a man and finally, when you graduate, you will be bought as a mistress. Depending on your marks at the end of this course, your master will either be rich or poor, so I suggest you try your best and don’t give us any trouble.” He looked over the line of girls again and his eyes landed on me.

Love, Hate, Liberty, Family
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Add more please! !!

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Yess, please add more, cause I am dieing to know.

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Josephine Chelsea Teach

AMAZING!! i enjoyed reading this book so very much!! I just wished for an end, more to read ;-; i love yur characters and this amazing story they have, the deepth of the story and i just love it a lot!

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I just read your book and thought it was good so far. Will there be more? You have a great writing style.

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Write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i lurve it! plz plz plz plz write more!! my survival depends on it! i need to know what happens next :) <3 ur book!

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