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"Sometimes, pretending that you don't know is what is best; it lets you breathe easier. But when ignorance becomes your best friend, it can become hard to decide what is real, and what is fabricated from ignorance itself."

Danica Nyxe is not human. She isn't a vampire or a werewolf, no. She is an angel. She was created by Zeus to bring peace back to an earth at war. Her hair, a cascade of gold; her eyes, colored that of a raging storm cloud. Her body sculpted to perfection by Prometheus, himself. Her purpose was clear: end the wars on earth and return to the heavens to remain forever. Easy. Simple...or so she thinks.

While on earth, Danica comes across Evan Monroe. Evan is different from the others. He is quiet and reserved with a pure heart and Danica finds herself more and more involved with him, and the closer she gets, the closer they get to love.

But Danica wasn't created to love. She was created to fulfill a job and that was it. Done and done. But now she is faced with two choices: return to heaven and remain there; forever immortal, or Evan, the boy that she is completely and irrevocably in love with.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Ignorance Trilogy"
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angels, love, immortal
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This is really good, so far! I'm excited to see what comes next. You have a great writing style.

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