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Following The Equator, Complete (fiscle part-13) Of 1

User: silviya
Following The Equator, Complete (fiscle part-13) Of 1
The Starting Point Of This Lecturing-Trip Around The World Was Paris,
Where We Had Been Living A Year Or Two.

We Sailed For America, And There Made Certain Preparations. This Took
But Little Time. Two Members Of My Family Elected To Go With Me. Also A
Carbuncle. The Dictionary Says A Carbuncle Is A Kind Of Jewel. Humor Is
Out Of Place In A Dictionary.

We Started Westward From New York In Midsummer, With Major Pond To Manage
The Platform-Business As Far As The Pacific. It Was Warm Work, All The
Way, And The Last Fortnight Of It Was Suffocatingly Smoky, For In Oregon
And British Columbia The Forest Fires Were Raging. We Had An Added Week
Of Smoke At The Seaboard, Where We Were Obliged To Wait Awhile For Our

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