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Hollbergs Lesepröbchen

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Hollbergs Lesepröbchen

Katzengeschichten, Stadtgeschichten, Minikrimis und ein Katzenratgeber. Ein paar Seiten aus dem Sammelband "Liebe, Mord und Miezekatzen" zum gemütlichen Reinschnuppern.


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Cambridge, MA

Somebody might be well educated , both from schools and family, but resilience
can only be gained over time. How do you harden steel? You expose it to heat,
you hammer it and throw it into cold water and you repeat this many times. It
is nice to see young people getting a chance to serve in high positions, but
there is a reason, why these high positions used to be called senior.

Music: ... mehr anzeigen

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Faywood, NM

This was a deplorable crime, period. That, in all likelihood, it is an act of
anti-Semitism is unconscionable and frightening not only for Jews, but for all
people. The unleashing of this antiquated religious hatred, or any hatred, is
a sign of current attitudes towards those who are different from ourselves and
the desperation contained within those attitudes.

As Passover draws close this year, let all of us embrace... mehr anzeigen

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