Winter Poems

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Winter Poems
Winter from several poetic angles.

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These poems contain wonderful images of winter and other seasons. Grammatical errors such as comma placement, spelling and spacing don't remove too much from these beautiful words.

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From page one I knew that you had the poetic style that I enjoy reading. Rhyming poetry has it's place - but it's in the prose and Haiku that you measure a poet's ability to connect their emotions to their pen and write honestly and completely.

You are a gifted writer and the Haiku really wrapped it up for me. I enjoy experimenting in different forms of Haiku and I read it with my fingers to make sure that the syllables are... mehr anzeigen

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thank you so much for your kind comments.
I enjoyed reading your "Warm coat of snow".

thanks again

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thank you for reading
It was special for my son to point out the sunset and to experience it with him.

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Thank you for participating in our
poetry writing contest "Winter & Poems".

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network free literature on the Internet...

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I especially loved 'Humbling Sun of Winter' and the references to your son. Very well done. God Bless and good luck.

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Very Well Written!

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thanks for reading it.
there are more less frigid poems at
thanks again!

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