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Very Funny Poetry
Whatever happened to those hilarious poems that really tickled your funny bone !
View Mario William Vitale's poetry and I'm sure the reader will be on the edge of their seat in a hypnotic frenzy !
This young man of 39 years..,
Has been a work in process since the Fall of 1989.
You will end up laughing your heads off !

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Saginaw, MI

When was the last time a gun with mental disorders killed anyone? Oh yeah a
guns a inanimate object, it can’t do anything until picked up by a person!


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I enjoyed reading your poems. They are so funny. Thnx for sharing. Wish you good luck. Voted

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It has been a process of more than twenty years..,
Thereby creating a platform..,
It was for these freedoms that our forefathers desperatley fought to uphold !
I firmly belive in the shadow of all eternity..,
What one does now will be forever echoed in the hearts of those that loved them !
The challenge to be free is simply a question of time !

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