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The Tale Of Pygmy Joe

Pygmy Joe Tale/ Vitale M.., Von:
User: hitalot
The Tale Of Pygmy Joe
The tale of a lonely orphan boy,
Was found in the woods by a monk..,
Formerly a Pygmy from a tribe in Africa..,
*Set out on a fantastic journey of exploration..,
Eventually to become a monk himself.

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This has been a work in progress,
since the Fall of 1989,
Many years of gathering information with the hope to piece together,
"The Tale Of Pygmy Joe"
*As a writer I contune to develop a platform,
Which will attribute many of my fellow poet's that I really admire,
*Which are Mark Strand, John Ashberry and Louise Glick.,

Thank you to all my loyal fans,
With much respect,

Mario William Vitale

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