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Mario William Vitale/ Christian Poetic Works
For well over twenty years,
Author, Mario William Vitale has demonstrated the impossible..,
After an episode with mono- hospitalized/ Made great comback to star in his senior class play, "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood",
Charles Dickens based play,
His last accomplishment before he died !
* Today Mario William Vitale enjoys outreaching,
Going to prisons to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ !
*You will be richly blessed,
His work, the goals that this one man has set for his life has been phenomenal !

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Writing's stemmed from comedy,
adventure and Christian format..,
Unique priviledge in writing and contributing my work.

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A lot of people nowadays call themselves Christian just for association, but you can spot a true believer if God makes His way into his verse.

I think "A Way of Escape" touched me the most, since, despite everything that might happen, it's always comforting knowing that all problems are temporary, that there is an eternal paradise waiting for me.

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Throughout Twenty years I have developed a unique style,
By which the average poet may have to think twice before submitting poetry..,
This platform he had developed out of a free verse style notion,
Mario William Vitale

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