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Wendy Lane

Wakeup Call Von:
User: goodmario
Wendy Lane

Before she knew it, she grabbed the knife and saw a pair of sad bleary hazel eyes, bewitching and beautiful otherwise, on a freckled pale face looking back at her. She looked terrible. The knife, too, seemed to tell her off, pushing her into a deeper slump, ‘You don’t belong up there girl. I’ll show you your place, down below the cuts and bloods.’

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Ingeborg Kazek

So after all, everybody can try to love live. The story is very interesting. I love happy ends and hoped that she would suddenly wake up and it would turn out, that she was only for some reason out of breath, because she is too fat. But you decided to figure out something else.

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Hi Ingeborg, thank you for reading, and spend your time to comment. I really appreciate it.


Hi Ingeborg, hope you are well. I rewrote the fist short story in the Wendy Lane series, and would love you to read it when you have time.
Thanks in advance, and have a good weekend.

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