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Bleeding words

User: marieta
Bleeding words

My love is a conceptual metaphor,my love is a butterfly,my love is like a burning flame,my love for you is unchangeable.
My book is a collection of poems on love and rebirth and it focuses ,in large part , on genuine and honest feelings ,moreover,
my book is an insightful and sensitive reflection of what lives in the hearts of us all and I hope that it will captivate reader's minds .

love, romance
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to the rest of my family, i miss you all and i love you all

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I like it, i have been doing lots of poetry in writing. i can do that to here? im new here i find this website interesting.

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I am so sorry but I like my poetry the old fashioned way - Keats, Shelley etc.

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My lady, you write such vivid, soul searing poetry. I've never read anything like what you do with words. Why or why are you not entered in the Romance poetry contest. Loved the Sunset, loved Bleeding Words. You truly take my breath away with your writing. Mine is but childish scrawl next to yours. Please keep writing, you are truly talented. Robynn

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