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Please Don't Leave Me

Please Don't Leave Me
Jamie Mackeby falls for a girl that was diagnosed with cancer. Things get complicated when she starts having chemo treatment and football player, Scott, gets involved...

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Thanks Icygem1300!

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E.K. Perkins

Wow I love this book! But since it's not free I can't critique it all the way:) it's really cool

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Could you maybe... possibly... make the book free? I REALLY want to read the rest, but I can't buy the book. So, just... idk think about it?

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@agarza1999 yeah, I can make another book with this story and call it another thing. But I already put this in the world e-book market and I don't want to take it out until I get some feedback. I will do hat for you tommorow. :)

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I am not done with this book, but for some reason, I just wanted to put it up already. I have like ten longer chapters to add. When i'm done, i'll put it up. But for now, enjoy!

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